Wednesday, March 12, 2014

...nailed it.

After finally getting everything installed correctly on my computer, I found out that there is bug in the Windows installations that, APPARENTLY, no one wants to fix [wtf, man? seriously???]. I stayed up all night on Monday working on this, only to find out that it wasn't going to happen for me.

After trying to figure this out to the point of being unable to to think clearly, I went to sleep mad. [protip: never go to sleep angry]. The problem was with the database [MySQL] and the gem to link it to Ruby on Rails. I woke up on Tuesday with a mission: get RoR on my computer, stat. After briefly entertaining the idea of changing my server to Apache, I went back to this video that I had been ducking, for obvious reasons if you're new to this.  However after watching his videos, I can confirm that Jonathan MacDonald is legit.

Respect my RoR on Windows 8

After uploading RoR and starting my tutorials, I've been doing the tutorials for rails. It's cool, but I don't like it as much just pure Ruby & Python programming. While I'm getting my Rails skills up, I'm continuing to learn about Ruby...and Python. I went back to reading the the pickaxe book and I came up on this video about python, so basically, I'm like a pig in slop [I live in GA, don't judge me]. 

So I'm feeling good, excited. I guess my only issues now are whether I want to work on Ruby or Python. It seems like when I'm working on Ruby, I want to work on Python and when I'm working on Python, I'm thinking about working in Ruby.

I guess the only this left on my mind right now is:


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