Wednesday, February 12, 2014

About that Snowstorm...

I think it's finally getting here.  I may have been overly ambitious thinking that I would complete TBoR, today, but I'm still awake.  At least I know that I'll be done tomorrow.

I finished that chapter about Ruby on Rails; it's strange, to me, that I remember HTML, for some reason.  I guess that I shouldn't be that surprised. I was planning on doing a refresher when I start focusing on Rails.  I'm still going to do it. Everything is definitely making more sense now, and after tomorrow, I will be working more on an actual project and spending less of my time on such an academic approach to learning this particular language.

My study of Ruby has once again reinforced the idea that anything can be learned, if you just devote enough time to it. My understanding of not only programming, but computer science in general is so much broader now than it was when I began this pursuit.  Granted, I've been taking online courses and doing a lot of reading, but I was so lost when I began.  I'm still lost now, but at least I know what I need to learn.

I organized my web page favorites in my browser and made a folder specifically for learning code. Once I finished this book tomorrow, I have plenty of great resources to learn from. Most of the sites that I've found have been from reddit. I am subscribed to /r/ruby. /r/programming, and  /r/learnprogramming, although I have only been lurking up to this point.  I'm going to do as much as possible on my own before I start getting help from other people, solely because I don't want to end up talking to someone about this and have them go into a 2 hour lecture on things that I have no idea about. I think that reading TBoR was a strong first step in that regard.  Now that I have an overview, I think that I will be more prepared to get help when I start doing more practice and development.

Anyway, that's today's take on this process. On a side note, I scored 120 on Flappy Bird, there's that.

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