Friday, February 7, 2014

On to Chapter 16: Regular Expressions

So I powered through the Marshal chapter with the full acceptance that I don't really understand this shit.  I've been doing a million things to get the momentum to finish that chapter.

One of those things was the Rails tutorial, that I was talking about yesterday. Everything was going swimmingly until I got to the part about installing Rails.  I was pretty sure that all of the gems and "plug-ins," for lack of betters word and understandings, like Rails and Git were already bundled and loaded into my system with the original Ruby installation.  At this point, I'm pretty sure that I was right, but the command "subl" is not working for some reason. Originally, I thought that it was because I was using Aptana to try the first exercise, so after a little bit of trying to figure it out, a little bit of reading "Infinte Jest," and a little but of attending to my free online courses; I decided to just try it through the PowerShell, which, btw, gave me the same error.

Side bar: have you read Infinite Jest? I'm seriously on like the second page of that book.  It's so hard to read.  I feel like this guy intentionally tried to learn every word that normal people don't use on a regular basis and tried to jam it into the first two pages of this book.  This book feels super pretentious and the only reason that I'm even going to finish reading this book is because a friend of mine that I used to date recommended it.  [Incidentally, she's been acting weird.  I'm wondering if it has something to do with Valentine's Day or maybe a new bf?] Also, he is considered one of the most influential artists of the last 100 years or something like that and he also committed suicide.  The latter my seem like a weird reason for interest, but I think that people who kill themselves had to be thinking about some really deep shit so I'm always interested in getting insight into people who are in their own heads thinking to the point of taking themselves out.

Anyway, I'm basically frustrated with both Ruby on Rails and my lack of an ability to address even the simplest problems with Ruby after all of this effort.  I'm determined to learn to program, though, so it's just a thing, right now.  I refuse to give up.

Now, I have gone back to the book of Ruby...oh, and I've also started watching the video tutorials for Ruby on Rails.  I've decided to learn this stuff by brute force, if necessary and if nothing else, I will be prepared to ask 10 million questions next week when I go to a Ruby meet up next Wednesday.  If you live in Atlanta, like me, this is the meet up: The Atlanta Ruby Meetup Group Monthly Meetup.

...happy programming.  One day, I'm going to get there.

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