Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Working through the Burnout

I'm sitting here watching the newest Workaholics episode.

The Book of Ruby is burning me out. I haven't read anything in all day. I think the back-to-back chapters on YAML and Marshal was a little bit too much; I had to take a break. Anyway, I went ahead and got started with Ruby on Rails.   I'm using this: Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails.  I came up on it reading this article about learning RoR: Your Step-By-Step Guide To Learning How To Code And Getting A Job In This Lousy Economy.   Although I'm only at the beginning, it's a good escape from trying to concentrate on remember syntax, and starting this now will be good for re-enforcing what I've learned so far in Ruby, I hope. 

The Rails tutorial is supposed to be based on building actual projects, too, which I think will be good for my learning since I haven't really been doing actual programming exercises since I finished the Code Academy tutorial.

I've also been taking free online courses on Algorithms, Cyber-Security, Networking, and Entrepreneurship, so that is also a cool break from the book reading. So that's what's up, right now.

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